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FORT Robotics builds safe control systems for intelligent machines. We’re making safety-critical wireless communications a reality for construction, manufacturing, agriculture, warehousing, and any other industry where automation is changing the way we work.


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The world’s first full stack wireless communications platform for intelligent machinery.

Today’s machines are smarter and more autonomous than ever. But safety technology is lagging behind with bulky, inefficient, and unreliable hardware. Hundreds of people are killed and thousands are injured in work-related incidents every year. We can do better.

FORT’s mission is a secure, end to end wireless platform that ensures human safety around dangerous machines. In an increasingly automated world, we see this as a defining challenge of our time.


Samuel Reeves
Founder & CEO
Nathan Bivans
Chief Technology Officer
Doug Riffle
VP of Sales
Yash Singh
Engineering Program Manager
Walid Dimachkie
Product Manager
Daria Duda
Director, Product Marketing



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Hundreds of companies trust FORT for wireless safety in construction, agriculture, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, mobile robotics, and more.

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