CAN-Sync: Wireless CAN Bus Bridge

Safe Wireless CAN Bridge for Machine to Machine Communication

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Safe Wireless CAN Bridge

For Machine to Machine Communication

FORT’s CAN-Sync Wireless CAN Bus Bridge is a rugged, long-range solution for wireless CAN bridging and E-Stop bridging between systems. When wired connections are expensive, impractical, or impossible, CAN-Sync provides a safe and reliable wireless link between any two CAN interfaces with Fort’s SafetySense® technology. Ideal for autonomous systems, fixed machinery, and heavy equipment applications such as forestry machines, CAN-Sync delivers long-range communication along with unparalleled safety features.

FORT’s Vehicle Safety Controller

The CAN-Sync system is one of the configuration options for FORT’s Vehicle Safety Controller (VSC) where two VSC devices are combined as a CAN Bridge system. In addition to its CAN bridge function, the VSC device can also serve as an E-stop bridge. For more information on the VSC and its configuration options, click below.

Wireless CAN Bus Bridge Features

Long Range

Wireless communication range up to 2+ km line of sight.

Data Bridging

Connect any two CAN networks, even with different bitrates. Supports any CAN bus standard including J1939 and CANOpen.

E-Stop Bridging

Wirelessly connect multiple fixed or mobile E-Stop circuits.


Hardware-based SafetySense® implementation for high reliability, no single point of failure safety implementation. Safety outputs ensure the system is rendered safe if communications are ever lost or interrupted.


Designed for tough environments. IP66 rated enclosure.

Additional Details

Embedded options also available.
Configuration via USB.
9 VDC to 36 VDC power input.
-40℃ to 70℃ operation.

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