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Nano Safety Controller Delivers SIL 2 Certified Safety Commands


FORT's SIL 2 Certified Nano Safety Controller is an embedded solution that provides users with a safety-certified wireless communication they can trust.

As more industries move towards wireless solutions for their machines to improve productivity and efficiency, the need for advanced safety is more critical than ever. 

One crucial aspect of safety is the ability to send trustworthy commands, such as emergency stops, over wireless networks. This ensures that humans can stop machines remotely if an unsafe situation occurs while staying out of harm’s way.

Embedded Board for Safety


The FORT Nano Safety Controller is an embedded board that allows machine builders to directly integrate this type of safety-rated communication into their machines. The small printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) is about the size of a credit card and provides the ability to send and receive a SIL 2- rated emergency stop command. 

For OEM manufacturers of machines who want to design their own custom wireless e-stop or remote control devices, the FORT Nano Safety Controller (NSC) is the perfect solution. The NSC can be embedded into the remote controller and machine, enabling a SIL2-rated e-stop safety command like immediate stop, pause, or complete shutdown of machines. The NSC allows manufacturers to create a custom wireless e-stop without compromising safety.

One of the key benefits of the NSC is its small, embeddable form factor. The NSC is compact and easy to integrate into existing hardware. It is ideal for those who want to add trusted safety commands, wireless emergency stop, or remote control capabilities to their machine without having to bolt anything onto it.

The Importance of SIL 2 Certification

SIL, or Safety Integrity Level, measures a component's safety based on its probability of failure. SIL certification is an important tool for ensuring the reliability of safety products, and for providing confidence to manufacturers, regulators, and end-users that their products will perform as intended.

The Nano Safety Controller has been certified to meet SIL 2 standards by Exida after undergoing a rigorous review. The certification process includes a thorough analysis of potential hazards, along with their likelihood, consequences, and risk mitigation measures.

The NSC SIL certification provides assurance to users that the controller will perform its intended function in critical situations, reducing the risk of harm to workers or damage to equipment. Furthermore, it offers our customers a chance to accelerate their own certification processes, by using a component that already meets SIL 2 standards. Copy of Jim Spivey (1)

Nano Safety Controller Benefits

The NSC is easy to integrate into existing hardware, allowing users to create a custom wireless e-stop solution without compromising safety or functionality. 
The key benefits of the Nano Safety Controller are:

  • Easily integrate into machine architecture with a small form factor
  • Embedded platform that can securely send and receive a safety signal
  • Wirelessly control and e-stop a machine
  • Add SIL2 Certified emergency stop functionality to your system
For more details on the FORT's SIL 2 Certified embedded solution, and to find out how you can build safe communication directly into your machines and controls, contact us below.
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