You Can’t Be Safe If You’re Not Secure

As machines become more autonomous, more mobile, and more connected, they pose new challenges for safety and security. The FORT Platform addresses these challenges with a safety and security solution designed specifically for autonomous machines. The platform empowers builders and users of smart machines to reduce risk and accelerate productivity without sacrificing peace of mind. 



FORT Robotics Web and Mobile App


FORT Manager software makes it simple to configure and update your system. Easily map safety inputs and outputs with no coding required.


Endpoint ControllerSecure Endpoint Controller

The Endpoint Controller (EPC) is the core of the platform. It integrates each of your machines and inputs into the network. Embedded hardware security module ensures all messages are secure, reducing risk of cyber breach.

FORT Remote Control

Remote Control for Heavy Equipment

The FORT Remote Control (FRC) is an easy-to-use remote with built-in emergency stop. Use with one or more machines without compromising safety.

Reduce Risk, Mitigate Threats, and Maintain Control



    Accelerate Deployment FORT solves the complexity of safety and security for you, so your machines are ready to scale without delays.


    Mitigate attack threats Every connected machine opens the door to another attack vector. FORT hardware comes with embedded security with zero-trust communications.


    Reduce Liability Best-in-class wireless emergency stop helps prevent accidents, injuries to workers, and damage to assets.


    Scalable and Flexible The FORT Platform is designed to integrate at any stage of development. Flexible configurations enable you to expand and grow your system as needed.