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Download the data sheet to learn more about the Endpoint Controller, a core component of the FORT Robotics Control Platform.

The Endpoint Controller delivers safe, secure machine control do you can:

  • Maximize productivity by communicating with up to 30 machines simultaneously from onsite or offsite.
  • Enhance flexibility with up to two different wireless safety commands.
  • Protect your operations with built-in cybersecurity
  • Minimize disruptions caused by injuries, damage, and downtime.


Endpoint Controller Features:

  • Global E-Stop: Send safety-rated e-stop commands to up to 30 machines simultaneously from onsite or offsite.
  • Global Safety Commands: Wirelessly send up to two different reliable safety commands to multiple machines.
  • IP-based Communication: Enable easy integration with existing infrastructure using Wi-Fi and Ethernet.
  • Industrial-grade Device: Designed for harsh environments with a rugged, mountable design and IP65-rated enclosure.
  • FORT Security: Implements a layered, defense-in-depth security approach to prevent disruptions from bad actors.