Safe Wireless for Smart Machines

FORT Robotics builds wireless control systems for dangerous machines.
We’re bringing functional safety to the automation frontier.

Pioneers in Wireless Machine Control

FORT Robotics builds remote control systems for machines in construction, agriculture, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, mobile robotics, and more. Our pioneering wireless communication platform is designed specifically for critical commands, and it delivers the highest levels of safety and reliability.

As machines become smarter and more prevalent, FORT’s mission is to protect the people who work with and operate them. We believe that advancing automation shouldn’t mean sacrificing human safety. Learn more about FORT wireless machine controls below, or get in touch for more information.


Rugged, next-generation controls for mobile and industrial equipment. Designed from the ground up for reliable mission critical commands.

Powered by SafetySense®

FORT’s proprietary technology delivers wireless you can count on when the stakes are high.

Dependable Protocol
Creates a wireless connection reliable enough for mission-critical operations.
Dual-Path System Monitoring
Enables wireless control only when it’s 100% safe to do so.
Military Grade Radios
For superior performance over commonly-used hobby grade alternatives.
Industry-Leading Ergonomics
Reduce training time and improve user experience.


Build the future of machine safety.

FORT Robotics brings a uniquely engineering and design-driven approach to making the world safer for all of us.