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FORT Vehicle Safety Controller

Built for Wireless Machine Safety

With patented communication technology and industry-leading safety architecture, the VSC is built from the ground up for maximum reliability. It features a dual wired emergency stop loop, master enable relays, and internal master enable fault detection. 

Patented safety system for critical commands
Dual wired emergency stop loop
Master enable relays for e-stop integration
Internal master enable fault detection
Case Study: How the VSC Improved Safety Around Autonomous Mobile Robots
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Use as an input, output, or wireless bridge.

Commands You Can Trust

The Vehicle Safety Controller uses FORT's patented system to send and receive wireless safety commands with high levels of reliability.

Safety Receiver

The on-machine Vehicle Safety Controller pairs with FORT's Wireless E-Stop and Safe Remote Control and acts as the receiver for those systems. Electrical safety loop circuit with diagnostics provides convenient integration.


E-Stop Bridge or Input

The Vehicle Safety Controller can be used as a bridge or input for emergency commands. Easily integrate third-party devices such as e-stop buttons, door switches, and more. This allows you to stop multiple machines with a single command.  

Easy Drag-and-Drop Pairing

Use FORT’s configuration tool to design your system and assign a care list of inputs to each Vehicle Safety Controller. One VSC can communicate with up to 11 other units. Once paired, units stay in constant two-way communication to ensure a healthy wireless link. 

Wireless CAN Bus Bridge

Two Vehicle Safety Controllers can be configured as a Wireless CAN Bus Bridge between any two CAN networks, even those with different bitrates. Supports any CAN bus standard including CANopen and SAE J1939.

With a rugged enclosure and a line of sight range of up to 2km, the VSC is an ideal wireless CAN Bridge solution for forestry and other long-range outdoor applications.

Forestry machinery

Technical Specifications

Wireless Frequency Options

900 MHz FHSS
2.4 GHz FHSS

Line of Sight Range

Up to 2km with 900 MHz radio
Up to 500m with 2.4 GHz radio
May vary based on antenna placement, obstructions, and environment


Safety elements integrate via dual channel electrical safety circuit
Standard control elements and optional status information integrate via CAN J1939, RS-232, or USB


IP66 rated
Dimensions: 5.9" x 3.2" x 2.5"

Connector Options

Ecomate RM for Power, E-Stop I/O, RS232, and CAN interfaces, Sealed Mini-USB AB, and RP-SMA antenna connector
MIL-DTL-38999 19 pin for Power, E-Stop I/O, RS232, and CAN interfaces, MIL-DTL-38999 6 pin for USB, and RP-SMA antenna connector

Operating Temperature

-40°C to 70°C

Safety Rating

Designed to meet ISO 13849 PLd Cat 3 Performance level D, 2015 edition

Part of the FORT Foundation Series

The Vehicle Safety Controller is part of the FORT Foundation Series of products, along with the Wireless E-Stop and Safe Remote Control. Designed to deliver emergency safety and control solutions over ISM radio, the Foundation Series is ideal for R+D, industrial applications, and more. 


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Vehicle Safety Controller Applications


The Vehicle Safety Controller is versatile enough to use in nearly any environment, with a rugged enclosure, long-distance wireless range, and unparalleled safety features. FORT customers have put the VSC to work on machines in forestry, agriculture, manufacturing, warehousing, and much more. Learn more about the industries FORT serves below. 

Industries We Serve
Warehouse AMRs with boxes

Case Study: Improving Safety Around Warehouse AMRs

Learn how the FORT Vehicle Safety Controller helped one OEM solve a problem for its customer. They needed a reliable way to stop all robots within an area when someone opened the gate. The Vehicle Safety Controller plus a third-party door switch provided a safe, convenient solution.  

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Protect Your Investment

The Guardian protection packages provide additional coverage for FORT’s Foundation Series products. These extended service and support plans offer customers continued firmware and software updates and live problem-solving support beyond our standard one-year warranty.

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You can't predict when or where smart machine emergencies might take place. That's why it's so important to have a safety solution you can take with you on the go. FORT stops danger in its tracks wherever you are, and always from a safe distance. 

Put safety first today and build a better tomorrow.