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Secure Wireless Communications at Scale

As more industries lean into the benefits that robots, autonomous systems, IoT devices, and remote control capabilities provide, secure management and communication become more important. FORT Manager provides a convenient way to manage your FORT Pro devices while mitigating security risks and maintaining safety.

Easily onboard and pair devices
Create multipoint configurations
Set user access parameters
Access API integration points

Manage Safety and Security for Your Machines 

Built-In Security

FORT Manager works in tandem with your FORT devices to ensure cybersecurity from every angle. Our robust security protocol protects both hardware and software from interference.

Protect What Matters

Built for functional safety to help you adhere to safety standards and industry regulations. FORT Manager helps you protect your assets and your people with confidence.



Streamline Deployment 

Get your devices into production faster and limit downtime with rapid configurations and updates. Support and manager a single machine or a whole fleet.  

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Integrate Seamlessly

FORT Manager's flexible configurations integrate into your existing wireless or wired communication channels, making it easy to create simple or complex device pairings. 


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Save Time and Money

Save time and money with a solution that works with your machines today and lays the foundation for the machines of tomorrow.  FORT Manager scales with your operation to maintain safe, secure control.

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For Machines

With FORT Manager, you can be sure that only authenticated devices can communicate with each other. Reduce the risk of costly downtime, damaged equipment, and safety incidents. 


For Users

Give your team members the right amount of autonomy or oversight. Using FORT Manager, you can set permissions to make sure only trained and authorized users have access to machine configurations. 


Part of the Pro Series

FORT Manager works with FORT Pro Series devices for safe, secure machine control. For more information about the Pro Series, view the FORT Product overview. 

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Give your teams the tools they need to be successful on the floor, in the field, and everywhere in between. With FORT's smart machine safety and security solutions, it's easy to keep your teams safe without disrupting daily workflows.

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Put safety first today and build a better tomorrow.