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Central for Safe, Secure Equipment Control

The Endpoint Controller supports simple integration into a wide variety of simple, semi-autonomous, and very intelligent systems. Support for optimized proprietary digital protocols as well as industry standards such as CANOpen, industrial ethernet, and others allows for quick integration into electrified systems. Flexible solid-state inputs and outputs support commonly used industrial control systems and safety field devices, and complementary modes as well as ruggedized voltage inputs allow for integration into simpler systems.

Future-proof design
Ensure data integrity
Connect multiple machines
Work in any environment

Wirelessly send critical safety commands to one or more machines.

Switch Between Machines in Real Time

Allow a user to switch their Safe Remote Control Pro from controlling one machine to another while in the field or on-site.

Safety over Standard IP Networks

Leverage existing networks to send safety messages over the cloud in challenging RF environments such as warehouses or mine sites. 

Built-In Security

Mitigate cyberthreats with data encryption and endpoint authentication. 

Short - and Long-Range Communications

Supports short- and long-range communication with wireless options including Bluetooth, ISM, and IP networks.

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Flexible I/O Configurations

One or more safety outputs can be mapped to be controlled by one or more safety inputs, providing support for applications as simple as pressing an emergency stop button to control a pump or as complex as stopping hundreds of mobile robots in a warehouse.

Robotic arm for packing with producing and maintaining logistics systems using Automated Guided Vehicle

Technical Specifications

Wired Interfaces

Designed for 12V DC or 24V DC systems
9V DC to 36V DC operating voltage
10/100Mbps Ethernet x2

Wireless Interfaces

ISM 902-928MHz (NA)
ISM 868MHz (EU)

Electrical Safeguards

Transient protection per ISO16750 and ISO7637-2
Reverse battery, load dump, and jump-start protection
ESD Protection


IP67 aluminum enclosure in accordance with IEC-60529
Up to 4x RP-TNC antenna connectors
2x M12 Ethernet connectors
23 pin main integration connector for TE connectivity


228mm x 176 mm x 70 mm

Safety I/O

3x dual-channel safety inputs
3x dual-channel safety outputs


Main application processor (Linux)
Dual safety processors
HW based security
Real-time clock

Operating Temperature

-40°C to +85°C


US/Canada FCC compliant
CE mark for EU


Designed to meet IEC 61508 SIL2 standards


Part of the FORT Pro Series

The Endpoint Controller is part of the FORT Pro Series of products designed to deliver safety and security over IP. The Endpoint Controller can pair with the Safe Remote Control Pro for on-demand control of a fleet of machines or with other Endpoint Controllers. Easily map safety inputs to safety outputs using the cloud-based FORT Manager software.

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Applications for Endpoint Controller

Send safety commands to many autonomous mobile robots in a busy warehouse or activate a global E-Stop from a remote location such as a truck or command center for large mining operation.

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Give your teams the tools they need to be successful on the floor, in the field, and everywhere in between. With FORT's ecosystem of smart machine safety products, it's easy to keep your teams safe without disrupting daily workflows. 

Put safety first today and build a better tomorrow.