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Safe, Secure, Dynamic Control

The Endpoint Controller makes it possible to send and receive trusted safety commands over a variety of wireless networks. It can be mounted to a machine or machine attachment for remote control. It can also be integrated with input devices to send up to two different safety commands such as e-stop, crawl, rest, fire response, etc. One Endpoint Controller can communicate with up to 30 Endpoint Controller-equipped machines simultaneously.

Wireless Communication
Embedded Security
Global Commands
Flexible Configurations

Send wireless safety commands to up to 30 machines at once.

Communications Integrity

The Endpoint Controller is part of FORT's Robotics Control Platform, built on a foundation of communications integrity to deliver trusted commands over wireless networks.

Flexible Communications

Leverage existing Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks to send safety messages in challenging RF environments such as warehouses or mine sites. 

Built-In Security

Tamper-resistant hardware and a secure communications protocol protect your data and mitigate cyber threats.

Integrate with Safety Inputs

Commands can be triggered by any input, including buttons, fire alarms, light curtains, door switches, or sensors. 

Wireless E-Stop button

Seamless Configuration and Management

Use FORT Manager web app or APIs to easily configure your system inputs and outputs, pair devices, and manage your machines. 



Endpoint Controller Technical Specifications

Communication Interfaces

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz, 5GHz (access point not included)
ISM: 902-928MHz (NA), 868MHz (EU)


228mm x 176mm x 70mm / 8.99” x 6.85” x 2.4”


Up to 2x RP-TNC antenna connectors
2x M12 Ethernet connectors
23 pin main integration connector


SIL 3 Certified (IEC 61508)

US/Canada FCC compliant
CE mark for EU

FORT Pro Series 4

Part of the FORT Pro Series

The Endpoint Controller is part of the FORT Pro Series of products designed to deliver safe, secure control over wireless networks. The Endpoint Controller can pair with the Safe Remote Control Pro for wireless control of any machine or robot, or with other Endpoint Controllers for machine safety commands. Easily manage, configure, and update your FORT Pro Series devices using the FORT Manager web app and APIs.

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FORT Endpoint Controller

Endpoint Controller Applications

The Endpoint Controller can be used as a sender of up to two safety commands, or as a receiver of both safety and non-safety commands.

The device can be bolted on to manually operated machines, autonomous mobile robots or semi-autonomous machines. 

The Endpoint Controller is designed to function in a variety of industrial environments, from construction and mine sites to warehouses and factories. 

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Endpoint Controller Unboxed

Watch the unboxing video for a walkthrough of the FORT Endpoint Controller hardware, connectors, and features, along with key applications and support information.

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