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Proud to Be Your Industry Partner

Smart machines and autonomous systems are transforming operations in nearly every industry. We’re proud to offer solutions that help machine builders and operators get the most out of their equipment while keeping people out of harm's way. 

Male Specialist and Female Car Factory Engineer in High Visibility Vests Using Laptop Computer


Break new ground on safe operation of vehicles and machinery.

Sometimes hard hats aren’t the only protection you need.

Construction teams face precarious conditions day in and day out. There’s no telling exactly what the next day will bring or what physical challenges teams will need to work together to overcome. Despite harsh conditions or treacherous terrain, the job still needs to get done. Cutting corners can be costly, in terms of both finances and worker safety. Productivity and efficiency also remain in limbo.

Let us do the heavy lifting.

FORT has you covered. Take control of heavy equipment and work from a safe vantage point with FORT safe remote controls. Built-in e-stop and drop detection adds safety and peace of mind to dangerous jobs. The easy-to-use design reduces training time, and built-in e-stop and safety features add safety to hazardous worksites. 


Safe, convenient wireless control for autonomous mobile robots and forklifts.
Robotic arm for packing with producing and maintaining logistics systems using Automated Guided Vehicle

Warehouse safety is on the line.

Your days are hectic as you scramble to meet tight deadlines and orchestrate hundreds of moving parts, quite literally. With so many daily tasks demanding your attention, it can be easy to overlook the need for safety as you mobilize robots on the warehouse floor.

But neglecting to take the proper precautions can end up costing you big in the long run. Your data security and workers’ safety is on the line. One false move, and data breaches and injuries—or worse—can wreak havoc on your worksite.


Give you and your team peace of mind.

FORT solutions make it safer and easier to design and deploy Autonomous Mobile Robots and other warehouse systems. Send wireless safety commands such as "stop" or "slow down" to multiple robots with the push of a button. Or use the remote control to take temporary manual control of a robot for maintenance.


On the frontlines on innovation with mission-critical technology that keeps people safe.
Bomb disposal robot2

Critical control for unmanned ground vehicles

Machines of the future have become key elements in the success of defense operations around the world. Autonomous and remotely operated machines can help keep people out of harm's way in high-stakes operations. Ensuring human safety around this technology is crucial. FORT offers wired and wireless control systems for the safe, secure, and dynamic control of military vehicles and robots. 


Mitigate risk for high-stakes operations

When lives are on the line, you need trusted technology to reduce risk. FORT's rugged hardware and flexible configuration options help you operate safely in any environment. Our embedded security protocol and built-in safety features prevent hacking, tampering, and unintended machine operations.


Keep the supply chain moving while mitigating physical and cyberthreats.
Smart industry robot arms for digital factory production technology

Overcome delays in the supply chain.

Your success is measured by every metric. When it comes to production and manufacturing, you have clear goals in place, but achieving them is easier said than done. You need the right tools to help you ensure quality and meet tight deadlines without sacrificing the safety of workers or equipment.

Make productivity and efficiency your bottom line.

You don’t have to pick and choose between efficiency, productivity, and safety. FORT offers manufacturing teams safe, easy-to-implement, easy-to-integrate solutions to smart machine automation safety. Protect teams with Wireless E-Stops stationed at gateways to high-risk areas, or carry personal handsets for added security.

Lawn Care

Strive for a greener future with safe commercial lawn care automation.


Plant the seeds of success.

Turf care is all about delivering the highest quality of treatment and technique. You need to master the basics of lawn mowing techniques, soil sampling, weed control, and proper watering. Turf care also comes with some inherent risks, the primary one being mower operation. User error or mower malfunction can result in serious injuries.


Grow in the direction of your business goals.

As you nurture your business, you’ll want to make sure that you’re taking safety measures to prevent any of the dangers related to mower operation. FORT helps set you up for success with hardware solutions, such as the Safe Remote Control, that can operate mowing and maintenance equipment safely from a distance to provide operators with an added layer of protection. The Safe Remote Control can be used to navigate autonomous mowers to and from the site, and the built-in e-stop provides additional safety while the autonomous vehicle is operating.


Dig deeper to uncover better ways of mitigating risk.
Contemporary builders discussing sketch in tablet

Unearth inefficiencies and develop new workflows.

Mining can be extremely dangerous work, and there's no telling exactly what types of conditions workers must endure on site. Even so, teams must ensure that in addition to safety, they can maintain efficiencies and develop workflows that ensure high levels of productivity.

Shine a light on cybersecurity and software solutions.

FORT leads the way with software and hardware solutions that put safety and productivity first. The Wireless E-Stop can be used to prevent accidents and protect your team while offering a flexible pairing to stop up to 11 machines at once from a single handset. 


Harvest the versatility of wireless automation technology to increase productivity and streamline efficiency in the fields.
Autonomous tractor field

Keep up with growing demands.

Timing is of the essence when preparing for and carrying out seasonal planting and harvesting. The conditions can be ruthless, and the fruit of your hard labor may not be evident for many months. It’s no question that work in the field is taxing. But safety is just as much of a concern. Heavy and dangerous harvesting equipment can pose a threat and put operators in harm’s way if they don’t plan ahead.

Sow the seeds for a better tomorrow.

FORT hardware solutions were built with all of these challenges in mind. Using FORT’s Safe Remote Control, for example, operators can remotely control or stop autonomous harvesters or other farming equipment. Workers can also take the FORT Wireless E-Stop on the go for immediate control in emergency situations, even in the harshest of conditions.


Design, build, and deploy last-mile delivery robots without sacrificing public safety.
Self driving delivery robot concept

Make the last mile count.

Door delivery services and simple shipping models have transformed the way people consider, purchase, and consume goods in recent years. Never has there been a solution quite as convenient as placing an order and receiving it within days, if not hours. But the logistics involved to make that magic happen are complex. Lot of things have to go right (and right on time) to satisfy today's customers. It’s a unique and immense challenge.

Accelerate deployment and mitigate risk.

FORT has rolled up its sleeves to pitch in. Using the FORT Platform, you can accelerate deployment and mitigate risk from warehouse door to final destination without delay.


Set safety automation into motion with the right wireless solutions to get started.

Build and test autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous vehicles are the embodiment of future-focused transportation. They pose clear benefits in terms of efficiency and ease of use. We can begin to envision a world where autonomous vehicles are no longer the outlier, but the norm. Still, some questions remain. How do autonomous vehicles react in accident or emergency situations? How can they maneuver around obstacles in the road or areas of construction? How often, if ever, is human intervention required?

Put safety first.

One thing is clear: Safety innovation must be the top priority. That’s where devices like the Safe Remote Control come into play. The Wireless Remote Control can be used to prevent injuries, boost productivity, and prioritize safety during the development and testing of autonomous vehicles. The integrated E-Stop button keeps you in control of machines and ensures maximum safety and reliability.