Wireless Machine Control

Rugged, game-style controller with integrated E-Stop. Boost safety and productivity with reliable remote control for machines in construction, agriculture, mobile robotics, and more.

With the SRC, users can  operate off-road vehicles from a distance, take temporary control of an autonomous robot, or command a smart machine. The easy-to-use remote puts you in control of any machine operation.

Remote Control for Heavy Equipment
Prevent Accidents and Injuries

Prevent Accidents and Injuries

  • Operate dangerous equipment from a safe distance
  • Improve visibility of the worksite to reduce accident risk
  • Reduce fatigue and injuries associated with heavy equipment operation

Boost Productivity with Easy-to-Use Controller

  • Familiar game-style design accelerates training time
  • Lightweight and designed for comfortable all-day use
  • Remote operation adds convenience, reduces downtime and increases site productivity
Remote Control for Warehouse Robots
Safe Remote Control System FORT Robotics

Built for Safety

  • Patented wireless system for safety-critical commands
  • Built-in emergency stop button
  • Drop detection disables machine if controller is dropped
  • Adheres to leading industry safety requirements

The Safe Remote Control pairs with FORT’s Vehicle Safety Controller (VSC) receiver. The VSC  wires into the machine’s CAN bus and e-stop circuit. Once paired, the remote and receiver are in constant two-way communication to ensure reliable commands.

Learn More About the Vehicle Safety Controller

Remote Control Applications

The Safe Remote Control is durable and rugged enough for the toughest environments, while also delivering precise control for nuanced applications.

Unlock productivity with remote control for Construction, Agriculture, Mobile Robotics, Autonomous Vehicle development, Research, and more. 






Mobile Robots




Technical Specifications

  • Up to 2km line of sight range (900 MHz radio)
  • Up to 500m line of sight range (2.4Ghz radio)
  • Battery life up to 12 hours
  • Operates while charging
  • Designed to ISO 13849 PLd Cat 3
  • Pairs with FORT’s Vehicle Safety Controller
  • IP 65 Enclosure
  • Built-in emergency stop safety control
  • (2) 2-axis joysticks
  • (2) 1-axis finger sticks
  • (8) buttons



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Safe Remote Control in Action

Greenzie keeps safety first by using FORT’s Safe Remote Control system for their autonomous lawnmowers.

For Construction Pros

Safe Remote Control featured in For Construction Pros article Remote and Autonomous Construction Equipment Technologies Increase Safety and Productivity.


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