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Embedded Solution for Trusted Communications

The Nano Safety Controller can send or receive a SIL 2 - rated safety command, as well as non-safety commands, over BLE. Embed directly into your machines and controllers for dependable wireless communication without the need for bolt-on hardware.

Achieve SIL 2 integrity levels over wireless
Save space with an embedded solution
Communicate over Bluetooth Low Energy
Send certified E-Stop or other safety commands
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Experience high-integrity wireless communications.

Send SIL 2 Certified Commands

Integrate one Nano Safety Controller into your controller or HMI, and another in your machine or vehicle. The two paired boards can send and receive SIL 2-rated wireless safety commands such as emergency stop.

Streamline Development

The Nano Safety Controller leverages FORT's expertise in functional safety and makes it possible to send and receive trusted communications over BLE with minimal development effort or risk to system designers.

Black Channel Communications

We apply black channel communication principles to isolate and transmit safety data over virtually any network. Error detection and latency monitoring add extra layers of protection to ensure data integrity.

Functionally Safe Deployment

The Nano Safety Controller makes it easy for you to incorporate SIL 2 level safety into your design so you can develop and deploy with confidence.


Trusted Commands

Commands can include e-stop, crawl, reduce torque, or other changes in state. Configure the Nano Safety Controller to send or receive the specific commands that are safety-critical for your operation. 

Technical Specifications

Wired Interface

  • 80 pin TE 5177986-3, engages with TE 5-5179180-3 (using a TTL level UART for data and status communications)
  • USB for programming and configuration

Safety I/O

  • Two dual channel emergency stop loop inputs with active diagnostics.
  • Certified to meet ISO 13849 Category 3 Performance Level d and IEC 61508 SIL 2
  • Dual safety outputs with built-in fault detection
CMM Machine with Remote

Nano Safety Controller Applications

The Nano Safety Controller is ideal for OEMs who want to add trusted command technology into their own remote controls or HMI. The embedded board has been certified to meet SIL 2 safety requirements over wireless. 

More on SIL 2 Certification


When people and machines are working closely together, safe, secure communications are a must. FORT's trusted communication technology ensures that data integrity is maintained and commands arrive in a timely manner, secure and uncompromised, so you can trust that machines will do what you need them to. 

Put safety first today and build a better tomorrow.