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Avoid Costly Downtime with Safety & Security for Machines


What role does security play in machine safety? Nivedita Ojha answers this burning question in our Ask The Expert video.

Did you know machine downtime and damages cost companies millions per year?

Machine safety and security are two critical components of any industrial operation. Our latest video explores this question and provides insights into how security measures can enhance machine safety.

Nivedita Ojha, VP of Product at FORT, breaks down the key considerations when it comes to securing your machines and keeping your workers safe, explaining why there is no safety without security.

Check out the video now and discover how security and safety can work together to create a more productive and secure workplace.


Machines today are going live. That means they get on the network. They connect to the cloud.

There's constant communication with a cloud or another machine, which is happening in real-time. In the view of a hacker, it’s a really good instrument to take control and do some really malicious activities with it.

So, therefore, it becomes super important that we put security on top of these machines.

Think of it--a machine is an asset, just like a car is an asset. Your mobile phone is an asset. So any time a machine comes into an environment where humans are there, it becomes super important that you protect your asset.

Let's talk about some really big numbers that we have.

Four million accidents happen in worksites in the U.S.

We’re also talking about $50 billion of liability that companies encounter.

And think about it, just in the manufacturing world, we're talking about downtime costing manufacturing $22,000 per minute. Per minute, $22,000. Those are pretty significant numbers.

As machines are going live, as I said, or connecting to a network, talking to another machine. The minute they start communicating, you need to secure the machine. And that's why the security of our machine becomes super important along the safety because you don't want injuries and damages and downtime.

So there is no security without safety, and there's no safety without security.

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