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FORT APIs Help Maximize Productivity with Flexible Integration


FORT is excited to introduce our Developer Portal, part of the FORT Platform, providing FORT Pro Series users with seamless integration options.

The Developer Portal is accessible through the FORT Support Portal. It gives developers access to a suite of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to manage and configure FORT Pro Series devices, including the Endpoint Controller and the Safe Remote Control Pro

The portal is a game-changer for customers using FORT Pro Series devices who want additional flexibility and customization beyond the FORT Manager Web App. 

Looking for a single-pane-of-glass solution? 

FORT Manager APIs can integrate safety and security protocols into existing workflows and platforms and automate common processes and services. 

Top API Use Cases to Streamline Operations

We understand that OT professionals are continually faced with necessary but disruptive operational tasks when deploying and managing devices. FORT can streamline and automate these activities through the use of our APIs. 

Developers can use FORT APIs to retrieve and display FORT Manager device information inside another software application or website, which enables customers to monitor and manage their safety and security protocols from a single platform. Here are a few use cases for FORT APIs that are diverse and can be applied across various industries and scenarios.

Automatic and Batch Device Registration


With FORT APIs, you can easily register new devices into FORT Manager. Registration can be done via a barcode reader or other automation. 

A batch of devices can be registered into FORT Manager from a spreadsheet or other collection of device serial numbers. Both approaches streamline and accelerate the device deployment process.

Validate Device Access Control


You can also leverage FORT APIs to integrate with existing identity and access management systems. 

For example, when a new hire is added to a certain group in your employee management system, that system could also automatically invite that new hire to FORT Manager with specific roles and permissions. 

Similarly, when employees leave, another trigger could automatically call FORT’s APIs to delete that departing employee from FORT Manager, keeping systems aligned and access controlled.

Streamlined Device Configuration


Whether using device orchestration software, your own proprietary software, or OEM software, you can leverage FORT APIs to configure FORT devices within that software. 

Automatically find, create, update, and delete configurations via FORT APIs so that they are ready to be downloaded and applied to your machines. Similarly, you can use FORT APIs to retrieve and show FORT Manager device configurations inside another software application or website. 

This allows FORT customers to view and manage their safety and security protocols across their entire network from a single platform, simplifying and enhancing device lifecycle management.

NOTE: We’re actively working on the next step, getting those updated Configurations automatically downloaded directly to your machine!

Get Started with the FORT Developer Portal

Overall, the FORT Developer Portal provides all the API details needed for an efficient and streamlined way to manage your device's safety and security. 

The platform is highly customizable and can integrate with a range of existing workflows and external systems, making it a versatile solution for many industries and scenarios.

If you’d like to learn more or explore for yourself, visit the Developer Portal here