Heavy Equipment Automation

Autonomy is transforming the construction industry with smart machines and robots showing up at more and more worksites. Integrating remote control is a great first step in the transition to autonomous operations.

FORT controls are durable, reliable, and can be used on the work site with excavators, skid steers, and other heavy equipment. Featuring a familiar and lightweight design, the FORT Remote Control gets the operator out of the cab for better visibility of the job site and the ability to be able to work at a safe distance from potentially dangerous situations.

Partner with FORT Robotics to integrate safe remote control and wireless e-stopping into your next generation equipment. 

DirtTek Excavator with FORT Remote Control


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Case Study: Bay Shore's "Drill Sergeant"

Bay Shore Systems, a manufacturer of custom engineered drilling rigs, was developing a new specialty drill attachment, "Drill Sergeant." They needed a remote control system that wasn't a "belly box" or crane control.

Learn how FORT's ergonomic remote control with built-in safety features fit this need.

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