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Guide to Functional Safety for Warehouse Automation

Automation is transforming warehouses, distribution centers, and factories. But mobile and autonomous machines pose new safety and security risks. FORT safety solutions are designed specifically for mobile and autonomous systems. Read our free guide to learn how to  get to market faster while reducing risk.

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Warehouse Automation

Case Study: Simultaneous E-Stopping for Warehouse AMRS

A leading producer of Autonomous Mobile Robots needed a safety solution to stop multiple robots when a person enters a designated area of the warehouse.

The right solution would:

  • Stop all robots at once
  • Adhere to industry safety standards
  • Be easy to use
  • Have a highly dependable wireless connection

Read our Warehouse Safety Case Study


We plan for worst-case scenarios. So you don’t have to

Developing safety systems for autonomous mobile robots is complicated. There are changing regulations, cumbersome certification standards, and the consequences of a mistake can be dire. Building this system from scratch takes time, money, and resources away from your core development.

FORT saves you valuable time and resources with a ready solution for safe, secure wireless communication. So you can focus on doing what you do best to develop and deploy faster. 

  • Command Multiple Robots at Once
  • Easily Integrate with Any Machine
  • Use IP Networks for Seamless Wireless Coverage
  • Take Manual Control of a Single Machine or Vehicle as Needed
  • Configure Safety Commands with a Simple Interface; No Coding Needed

Example Use Case: Warehouse Robot Safety