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New Endpoint Controller: Global Safety Commands for Robots and Machines


FORT Robotics Endpoint Controller Safety Solution

FORT is pleased to announce that our Endpoint Controller is now available, empowering machine users and OEMS to drive productivity with wireless safety, security, and control. 

Ensuring the well-being of workers and minimizing downtime is crucial for businesses looking to scale their machine operations. That’s why FORT is building a control platform that keeps critical assets– people, machines, and data– safe and secure. 

The Endpoint Controller helps minimize disruptions and streamline operations by delivering trusted safety commands to multiple machines over wireless IP networks. The rugged device is easy to integrate with almost any machine and is ideal for any environment with mobile, automated, or autonomous machinery. It also features tamper-resistant hardware and built-in cybersecurity to protect users and assets from cyber threats. 

Global E-Stop from On or Off-Site

In a site-wide emergency or unexpected safety incident, the ability to instantly stop multiple machines could make the difference in averting disaster. Having a Global E-Stop system in place allows personnel to respond rapidly to dangerous events in order to prevent injuries and damage. 

The Endpoint Controller Makes it possible to send a safety-rated emergency stop command to up to 30 machines at once over Wi-Fi. This gives operators and managers the ability to rapidly shut down machinery in an emergency from any location– whether they are on the factory floor, in a central office, or even from an offsite monitoring facility. 

Global Safety Commands

In addition to E-Stop commands, the Endpoint Controller can be configured to send any safety command to a fleet of connected machines. Examples could include crawl, pause, or even “sit” for a humanoid robot. Other commands could direct robots to return to a home base or move away from exits in the event of an emergency. 

By integrating the Endpoint Controller with a fire alarm, safety interlock, fault detection, or safe operating limits device, users can trigger automatic wireless communication with an entire fleet of machines. Since the Endpoint Controller can send up to two different safety signals, machine users and OEMs can customize the command functionality to allow for two different global safety applications. For example, a door switch might trigger a “slow” command, while a fire alarm triggers an emergency stop. 



Scalable Robot Control 

The Endpoint Controller is a core part of the FORT Robotics Control Platform, designed to deliver safe, secure, and dynamic control over wireless networks. Built on a foundation of communications integrity over wireless, the FORT Platform helps accelerate productivity and protect your most crucial assets. 

The Endpoint Controller and other Pro Series devices can be configured and managed with FORT’s convenient no-code web application or with API access for direct integration with your existing system. Both options provide a secure, seamless, and scalable foundation to connect your digital and physical operations. 

To learn more about leveraging the power of global safety commands, visit our Endpoint Controller page to request a quote or download the data sheet.