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At FORT, we’re committed to developing technology that makes work safer and more secure. Part of that effort is complying with the latest security standards and best practices to keep our customer’s information protected. That’s why we are pleased to announce that we have successfully completed our examination for SOC 2, Type 1. We’re proud to have this recognition of the hard work our team is doing to keep data as secure as possible.

What is SOC 2?

SOC, or Service Organization Control, is a voluntary standard established by the American Institute of CPAs as a set of best practices on how to manage and protect customer data. A successful SOC 2 report indicates that an organization has been evaluated on a number of criteria and meets the necessary controls for security, availability, and confidentiality of information.

Our SOC 2 report was the result of a series of audits that examined FORT’s performance against nearly 100 different controls, assessing our risk management processes, company infrastructure, user access, software systems, virus protection, and much more. 

Why Does it Matter? 

None of us can afford to underestimate the importance of cybersecurity, and its significance is growing exponentially as more of our world becomes connected. This recognition demonstrates FORT’s commitment to security as we move towards our vision of a safer future. It’s also a way that we’re working to deliver a customer experience worthy of loyalty, by letting our customers know that their privacy is taken seriously and their data is handled with care.  

What’s Next?

This report marks our compliance with SOC 2 Type 1, which assessed our performance at a particular point in time. FORT’s next step will be a Type 2 audit, which demonstrates the ongoing measures we are taking everyday to adhere to and exceed best practices as we continue to scale our company and our technology.

If you have questions about FORT’s SOC 2 report or our privacy policies, please contact us.