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Video: How Wireless Machine Safety Works


How can you create machine control systems that are both safe and wireless? In this Ask the Expert video, FORT CTO and Certified Machine Safety Expert Nathan Bivans explains the concept of wireless machine safety and how wireless safety commands can be sent with the same level of reliability as wired solutions. 


Introduction to Wireless Machine Safety 

As automated machines become more mobile, wireless safety is becoming an important concern. We often hear from engineers wondering how a Wireless E-Stop, for example, can be both safety-rated and wireless. 

Not only is wireless safety possible and in use today, it’s often preferable and easier for mobile machine systems. In large facilities or outdoor applications, long runs of wire can be cumbersome, expensive, and require extensive and ongoing maintenance. Eliminating wires can not only eliminate a lot of hassle, it can enhance safety for mobile machinery, and maximize efficiency for a number of machine applications. 

Here's what Nathan Bivans has to say about how wireless machine safety works and why it's useful for machine developers, managers, and operators. 

How Does Wireless Machine Safety Work?