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Video: Applications for Wireless E-Stop Systems


Wireless emergency stop systems are safe, convenient, and have a wide range of applications. Yet many people are surprised to learn that wireless e-stopping is not only possible but it's also actually an ideal safety solution for many industries.

As machines become more mobile and more autonomous, the ability to intervene remotely is crucial, both for avoiding accidents and increasing output.

In this Ask the Expert video, FORT CTO Nathan Bivans explains who can use FORT Wireless E-Stop systems. 


Wireless E-Stop Applications

Wireless e-stop is useful for any situation where there are either safety or productivity benefits to having the human mobile relative to the machine.

We have customers all over the map--from warehousing, manufacturing, and construction--who are really starting to push the boundaries of where automation goes.

Reducing Downtime with Wireless E-Stops

Anytime that you see safety concerns, from mobile machines or productivity issues, extending the safety beyond the stops bolted to the wall to handheld devices would give the ability for the person performing the operation to stop that machine on their belts or in their hand at all times--reducing the number of people required to perform that operation, which can lead to huge gains in productivity as well as safety.

Interested in learning what FORT's Wireless E-Stop system could do for your application? 

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