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Video: Minimizing Critical Safety & Security Risks with Mike Zipperer


FORT's Cybersecurity, Cloud & Mobile Product Developer, Mike Zipperer, talks about the FORT product portfolio in this video from RoboBusiness 2022.



Read the transcript below.

" I'm Mike Zipperer and I'm with FORT Robotics. We [FORT] come from a company founded in safety. We were actually founded to do land mine removal, one of the most dangerous jobs in existence. 

Here you can see our family history: we've got the remote control with an e-stop capability at the bottom and a very ruggedized exterior. These are working [in some cases] in very dangerous and often dirty areas as well. That ruggedized exterior is, of course, important [for the endpoint controller] on a tractor or vehicle under control and we're also establishing a lot of critical cybersecurity elements to ensure you're both safe and secure in all the operations that you're doing. 

Obviously, these are very complex machines, which bring a lot of risk into the equation. FORT looks to minimize that risk by building a safety and security platform for all those smart machines so that you can enjoy all the benefits that they bring like: 

  • automation 
  • value 
  • faster production 
  • avoiding dull, dangerous, and dirty jobs. 

All while doing it in a safe and secure way--[you get] all the benefits  without any of the risks. That's FORT in a nutshell. "


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