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Remote Control Construction Builds Safety and Productivity


For Construction Pros

FORT Robotics is featured in’s article on the benefits of autonomous and remote control construction equipment. Author Curt Bennink explores how advances in remote control and autonomous technologies promise to create a paradigm shift for the industry. The piece features interviews with FORT, Caterpillar, Bobcat, and Built Robotics and discusses the advantages of working from outside the cab as well as key safety considerations for remote control construction operations. 

Remote control technology allows operators to safely run machines from outside the cab, removing them from risky operations or providing them unobstructed views of the work…

Fatigue is a major consideration when deciding if remote operation is beneficial. “In most cases, remote operation will increase productivity because it reduces fatigue and allows a team to work more efficiently with less downtime,” says Walid Dimachkie, product manager, FORT Robotics. “Using a remote allows the operator to have a much better view of the work they are doing, and it can help eliminate the need for a spotter, allowing other workers on site to do more productive tasks. In addition, using a remote can improve overall worker health, reducing total in-cab hours and effects of potential back strain or pain, and allowing more time outside of the cab without reducing work productivity.”

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