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Why a New Approach to Machine Security is Crucial

Machines of today are more connected than ever, which requires a new approach to security. Namely, converging two departments that have historically been separate entities, IT and OT. Nivedita Ojha discusses the relationship between IT & OT and why it is so important the two work together to protect machines and prevent cyber attacks.

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IT, OT, and The Future of Machine Security

The line that historically separated Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) is disappearing as businesses across industries continue to employ connected equipment on worksites. Disruptor, innovator, and IT rockstar, Todd Dekkinga, shares his insights on what this means for the future, and why security is crucial for the future of machine operations.

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5 Ways to Use A Wireless E-Stop

Emergency Stops are a universal safety tool used across industries. For mobile machines, wireless e-stops could be the key to unlocking safety and productivity in various applications.

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Lawn Care

Building The Next Generation of Commercial Mowers

Key considerations for designing safe autonomous, robotic, or remote-controlled lawn mowing solutions.

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What Robot Developers Need To Know About Functional Safety

FORT talks with safety expert Erik Reynolds of Reynolds & Moore to get his take on what developers need to know about functional safety for autonomous systems as a part of our new Q&A series, Safety Check.

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Video: Minimizing Critical Safety & Security Risks with Mike Zipperer

FORT's Cybersecurity, Cloud & Mobile Product Developer, Mike Zipperer, talks about the FORT product portfolio in this video from RoboBusiness 2022.

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Remote Control

Ways to Use a Safe Remote Control

Smart technology is leading to increased productivity and safety for workers across several industries including agriculture, construction, lawn care, and warehousing. With the addition of autonomy, workers are able to focus on higher-valued tasks instead of the 3Ds - dull, dirty, and dangerous.

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FORT Welcomes Sineesh Keshav to Board of Directors

FORT Robotics is happy to announce that Sineesh Keshav, Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Prologis has joined FORT’s Board of Directors. Prologis has been a FORT investor since early 2021 and participated in the company’s Series B raise that was announced earlier this month.

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Robo-Optimism: Why We Believe in the Promise of Automation

On the heels of a Series B fundraise, FORT Founder and CEO Samuel Reeves reflects on FORT's vision and the true potential of automation.

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Press Release

FORT’s $25MM Series B Funding Accelerates Expansion of its Machine Communications Platform

The capital will enable FORT to fast-track development of security solutions and broaden the reach of its safety and control platform for smart machines.

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